Shatter bars- benefits of eating cannabis

Marijuana-infused drinks and foods have been in use for centuries. Traditionally it was used as medicine in India and China, in the 19th century it was introduced in the western countries. Edibles were then prescribed to treat digestive problems, anxiety, and pain. Today you can find various cannabis edibles in the form of gummies shatter bars, candies, and many more.

Both CBD and THC together work to offer the medical and therapeutic effect of the plant. THC causes euphoria and a feeling of relaxation whereas CBD causes a reduction in pain and anxiety. When you look in the market you will find lots of products made of this pant. But every product is different and has a different impact on health. Inhaling marijuana gives immediate effect whole ingesting marijuana will not have immediate effect still its effect will last longer.

Benefits of eating marijuana-infused product-

Not harsh to lungs-

Smoking cannabis means that you are inhaling the toxin and causing damage to the lungs. There are people with weak lungs as well as other medical considerations. Therefore, in healing cannabis or smoking weeds can harm the lungs. However, eating marijuana will not cause trouble to your lungs.

Body high-

Inhaling marijuana and ingesting marijuana can different experiences. As edibles contain THC and the liver also releases its THC thus you get higher when you eat weeds. You feel more relaxing and thus, discomfort or vanishes pain!

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Longer effect-

Since it takes time for edibles to react thus, its effect is seen after sometimes and it stays for a long time from 3 to 7 hours or more. Also, you need not consume it, again and again, a single dose is enough!

These are some of the benefits of edibles Canada. You can also buy the edibles marijuana but there are some things to consider like-

Do not overdose-

Make sure to read the label on the shatter bars! Check the recommended dose and how it should be taken. Don't eat too many weed products as it can have a negative impact on health.


 Always check the expiry dates and manufacturing dates of the product when buying it from online shops. A consumer product that is expired can cause health issues!

Quality and raw material-

Read the product test reports and their ingredients, make sure the quality of raw materials used is high. Also, check that if it contains any harmful or allergic ingredients. Always start with a small dose of the product to see its effect and slowly get into the habit.

Reputed store-

Never buy shatter bars from the local shop, buy it from the reputed and trustable store offering the real product. This is because there are so many local products in the market which contain contaminants that can be harmful.

If you keep in mind the benefits and tips of mail order cannabis, then you can get the product of your choice. Apart from shatter bars, you can get candies, oils, and other edibles made of cannabis which can prove to be beneficial for your health.

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