How To Select A Good Shoulder Holster

Carrying weight on your shoulders has been engraved onto us to be of a comfortable means to carry something as this keeps our hands from being occupied, leaving it free for everything else. And most of us relate this to a backpack and what better thing can a shoulder holster be compared to a good old trustworthy backpack, but better, why? Because the weight of the items contained in a shoulder holster enables it from pulling us back. It instead keeps us steady as the unique design keeps the weights on either side of our body. This distributes the weight across our shoulders and onto the ground through either side. This would be especially advantageous for people who are troubled with back pain. It helps the user when you run out of ammo and the spare is directly under your arm, enabling you to reload without difficulty.


When it comes to determining a good shoulder holster, it completely depends on the individual as it is far from a one size fits all deal. Some factors go into evaluating that while buying one, such as:

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First and foremost comes comfort, because unless you are comfortable wearing and using the gear, it would be a total waste of your hard-earned money. So choose a shoulder holster that fits you comfortably preferably one that is adjustable according to your needs of fit and the one that you can draw your weapon out easily from. Mobility while you wear it is also key as you will most likely be doing tasks while you wear it. It also depends on which side you usually draw from.

Next would be to make sure that the shoulder holster is made to be of the correct fit. It should also have the needed retention level for the firearm that you own or are buying for. Losing your gun just because of a loose-fitting holster is the last thing you want especially when it's needed the most. Some of the common retention devices would be a thumb break, tension screw, Mechanical locks etc. Providing these would make sure that an unintended individual is unable to obtain your gun. It will ensure that the firearm is securely attached to your holster during the various activities that you may do while wearing it.

The material and the quality of the same used to make the shoulder holster is also important. This would directly relate to its wearability and durability throughout its usage. Kydex, Leather and Nylon are the commonly preferred and available ones. Most people prefer leather among these materials since it is suited to be used across most ranges of products. It is durable, can be worn for a long time, and is smooth to the touch, making it a comfortable material unless you are allergic to it.

These constraints will vary also according to the individual's budget and period of usage too. Keeping these basic points in mind while you browse through your options will save a lot of time and energy in the future.

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